Volk Gallery is proud to present the work of Sean Wheelan. Each Volk artist is given a size limit and budget and left to their own devices. With this brief, Wheelan has produced 50 riso-printed sets of trading cards in fluorescent pink and blue. Each pack is randomised, giving the player the option to trade with friends for their ideal deck. Be sure to keep an eye out for the crazy cool cards 3 and 8; these are limited editions, appearing less frequently than others. 
Artist's Statement
Sean Wheelan is a multi-disciplinary artist based in Dundee whose work includes drawings, video, performance and sculpture which all relate to the practice of self-improvement. 
The sardonic approach creates aspirations of self-worth through positive reinforcement via unhealthy means. The vicious cycle of doubt carries on by his hand, which enforces self-representation through various means.
Recent works are fed by a variety of influences from pop culture, absurdist and comedic backgrounds. The process is brought forward by creating humour out of the everyday. Humour is used to allow a greater entryway to ease in the viewer as laughter is arguably the most human element of our society from a smirk to guttural cackles. Targeting the use of objects and materials which we use in the everyday to enhance our standing amongst others and within ourselves, Sean Wheelan provides futile attempts to become more ‘present’ throughout a narrative led infrastructure. 
Sean Wheelan is interested in experimenting through various media in an effort to ensure no two works are similar as well as a strange self-imposed challenge to never name an artwork ‘Untitled’.
Exhibition Dates
January 7th 2022 - February 4th 2022
Previous Works 
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