Volk Gallery is proud to present the work of David Sherry. Each Volk artist is given a size limit and budget and left to their own devices. With this brief, Sherry has produced 100 editions pairing drawings with text as documentation of past performances. With work including drawing, video, and sculpture, Sherry presents these editions as a generalising of his multidisciplinary practice. Each edition is different from the next, with 100 digital prints to collect.
Artist's Statement
My work includes performance, drawing, video, and sculpture. I am interested in making artworks that relate strongly to everyday life. Developing props, sculptures and videos influenced by my experiences and social surroundings.

Live performance is the focal point of my work, bringing together all the elements of my practice at one moment. I find the experience of performing extremely valuable. You set a date and a time and a place and you work towards an event that is always different.

Many of my recent works have taken on the structure of a stand-up performance, a sketch shows or a variety act. In these works, I incorporate a wide range of influences and opinions. These performances move from one idea to the next employing comedic, absurdist and factual approaches in quick succession. This is an inventive process, developing scripted narratives and actions, reperforming older works with new ideas in the same set. I enjoy the process of preparation, memorising ideas and improvising actions. Often expanding the dynamic by building props and locating normal actions while mixing authentic and fictional subjects of interest. These live stand-up pieces can incorporate many influences, distilling conversations, books and TV programs into a series of ideas.
Drawing is an important part of my practice, exploring ideas, opinions and perspectives. Trying to make something funny, what is funny? Developing characters and narratives that feed into my videos, sculptures and performance works.
Central to my approach is an understanding of what influences human behavior and opinion. Ordinariness is an important source for my work. Normality changes and moves forward quickly, giving us little time to process and question its impact.
Some of the themes that influence my thinking are aspirations of social and monitory success, classing ourselves and others through what we own and how we present ourselves socially. Much of my work questions cultural standards and self positioning through ideas of wealth and ownership.
In my work I isolate actions as a means of understanding what links people together consciously and subconsciously. Highlighting a common place action can explore deeper meanings beyond an ordinary moment, giving a valuable insight.
Exhibition Dates
June 2nd 2023 - July 7th 2023
This exhibition was made possible thanks to support from Art Night
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